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What if breast milk isn't working for you?

think we can all say at some point in our lifetime we have heard the saying ‘breast is best’ when it comes to feeding newborns. Breastfeeding allows mothers and children to bond with each other as well as the ability to pass on key nutrients and minerals needed for the child’s development.

The Australian dietary guidelines recommend infants are breast fed from birth to 6 months of age then introduce solid foods as well as breast milk till they are 12 months old depending on the abilities of mother and baby. However, studies have shown that whilst 96% of children are breast fed after birth only 39% are exclusively fed breast milk – that means no additional formulas. After 5 months that percentages reduces to 15% of mothers who continue to breast feed their child.

Whilst it may be a lifestyle or personal choice to stop breastfeeding, that doesn’t mean you need to stop providing your child with the best nutritional values needed for their daily growing needs.

Introducing Eden Way Infant Formula.

At Eden Way, we have been developing and providing a superior infant formula for your children in the pristine landscape of South East South Australia since 2015.

Eden way supports your baby’s daily growth needs to ensure they are winning from the beginning. Eden Way offer a unique nutritional formula containing essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals similar to those present in breast milk.

Our range allows mothers to support their children from birth to 6 years of age. Our formulation is supported by nutritional scientists with over 20 years’ experience in the dairy industry. Our fully integrated and computerised quality assurance system ensures a high quality product is produced by monitoring each stage of production.

Eden Way uses 100% Australian cow’s milk, who are free range in open pastures, GMO free and living on a healthy diet of grass – as nature intended. Where technology and nature work hand in hand to give you the best baby formula available.

For more information about our range of infant formula please check out our website at or email us at

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