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Keeping your Infant Safe

Keeping your baby’s food safe is a primary responsibility of every parent. Preparing and following the safety and hygiene methods to prepare and store baby’s food will help them to stay safe and healthy. Caring for a child during the sleepless nights and playful days, must also include looking after the way you are feeding your baby. Feeding with infant formula is bit different compared to breast feeding, where a mother looks after her personnel hygiene to avoid any complications with baby’s health.

While feeding your baby with infant formula, we need to ensure we are following a good hygiene practice (GHP) during preparation, storage, and warming of milk formula. These GHP’s will keep your baby safe from any type of cross contamination. (For example, touching baby’s bottle after touching a tea towel). To ensure the safety of your baby’s food, Eden Way has an easy to follow 6 step method for preparation.

This involves:

1.Washing your hands, bottle, teat and cap thoroughly with warm water and soap.

2. Sterilising the bottle, teat and cap in boiling water for 5 mins

3. Using safe drinking water (boiled) and allow it to cool until lukewarm, fill the feeding bottle with the required amount.

4. Use the enclosed scoop and add the required number of levelled scoops of powder into the feeding bottle. It is especially important that you keep the scoop in the container without exposing it to the outside environment for more than the maximum allowable time as doing so will lower the risk of cross contamination.

5. Shake the feeding bottle until the milk powder is dissolved completely.

6. And at last test the temperature of the milk on your wrist before feeding it to the baby.

For the parents who like to prepare an extra bottle of formula for a long night/day, it is extremely important to store the formula in the fridge and it must be consumed within 24hrs. Turn these simple steps into a daily habit to support your baby’s nutrition. Eden Way ensures your baby is winning from the beginning.

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