• Hi-Tech

    Our state-of-the-art plant specialises in developing market ready milk powder products for local and overseas markets. Using advanced robotic and fully computerised quality assurance systems on our production line we can offer extremely high standards of manufacture.

  • Accreditation

    Dairy Processor License, Export Certification, FSSC22000 Food Safety System, HACCP Certification, CNCA Infant Formula Importing License, CNCA General Dairy Importing License, Halal Certification, Australia Made License

  • Quality & Safety

    • Scientifically formulated nutritional supplement by our experienced
    R&D team and nutrition scientist
    • 100% Australian Cows milk
    • Made in Australia to the highest food manufacturing standards

Why Eden Way

Our Recipe

✓ Supported by nutritional scientists with over 20 years of experience in the dairy industry. 
✓ Unique formulas comprised of rigorously researched ingredients. 
✓ Healthy ingredients which support cognitive function, eye development, inner health, and a strong immune system.
✓ 100% Australian owned and manufactured. 
✓ No GMO ingredients, synthetic pesticides, artificial flavours or colours, and no pesticides. 

What Eden Way Offers

DHA & ARAThese are fatty acids that support brain development. They are present in breast milk and play an important role in the cognitive, visual and immune system development of infants.

NUCLEOTIDESBreast milk has a higher concentration of nucleotides than bovine milk, the source of most milk formulas. Adding nucleotides to formulas helps boost the immune function and gastrointestinal development.

PREBIOTICSFOS & GOS - Balances bacteria in baby's stomach to ensure inner health. These prebiotics are designed to stimulate growth of the main probiotics found in the intestinal tract of breastfed babies.

OTHERS:Each stage of infant formula contains more than 13 types of critical vitamins and minerals for baby's growth. They support the development of the brain, vision, digestion and immune system.

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