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Happy Tummy, Happy Mummy

As a parent, we always want what is best for our baby. We make sure they are not too hot, we make sure they are loved. One of the most important decision we make as a parent is what we feed our children. Choosing the right formulation can impact your baby’s growth and development. But with so many choices in the market today, which one is the right one for me? Don’t stress we will help you out. A baby’s tummy is not the same as an adult. Their stomach cannot cope with large amounts of liquid so we need to ensure they are receiving the right nutrients in their diet. Key points you should consider before choosing an infant formula:

  • Consulting your doctor/nutritionist

  • Understanding what is actually written on the label

  • Knowing what nutritional needs your baby requires to grow and develop

Eden Way infant formula supports your baby’s daily growing needs whilst being gentle on their tiny tummies. Along with the 13 critical vitamins and minerals, Eden Way’s unique formulation consists of DHA and ARA for brain development, nucleotides to boost immune function and prebiotics to balance you baby’s inner health in an easy to digest milk formula. When you can assure, your child is receiving the right nutritional balance in their diet, you can get on with the delight it is of being a parent. Try our products with a special introductory price of $17.10* (+ postage). Contact us at today at to organise your order. *pricing effective till 31/12/2020

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